Natures Organic Potions® All Organic “PAW PROTECTION”


Natures Organic Potions®, – Dog/Cat Paw Protection from the Elements-Ice, Snow & Salt.
Protects Our Fur Babies, not only from Pain, but also, from the Medical and Physical Damages caused from Direct Exposure to Ice, Snow & Salt! Without protection and Continued Exposure to the Severe Elements, Damages their sensitive Skin,Paws/Pads!
Applying Natures Organic Potions®, “Paw Protection,” prior to taking Your fur Baby outside, keeps them Safe from the dangers of Chemical Ladened Salt, Snow and Ice! The Chemical Salt, Humans put on sidewalks, melts the Ice, But it Also causes Serious Chemical Burns to the Pads/Paws of your Fur Babies… It Pulls out their Natural Oils of Protection from their feet, drying out their pads and Causing Intense Pain. Untreated, their delicate pads will Swell, Crack, Split and Bleed. This condition, allows dangerous bacteria to enter, which in turn, leads to Increased Swelling, foot Pain and Worse, Infection of their Pads.
“Paw Protection,” Helps Guard against Frostbite from the Cold, Snow and Ice, which Increases their Pain Levels and the possibility of other Serious Health Risks!
**Remember, It’s Imperative, in these Arctic Conditions, Limit your Fur Babies Exposure Outside, Staying out, no more than 10 minute increments.
PLEASE, Do Not leave your Baby Out in ANY Extreme Weather Conditions…
They depend on Us for Their Protection! We are Responsible to Give them the Love they Deserve and Show Us Every Day of Their Lives..
Natures Organic Potions®


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