STOP BUGoNE Me!! – Organic De-Bugging Powder


5.00 out of 5

Kills and keeps flies, fleas, mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks at bay! 8oz Shaker Bottle

Organic Ingredients:

DE, Neem & Yarrow

1 review for STOP BUGoNE Me!! – Organic De-Bugging Powder

  1. Valerie-New York, NY

    If I had Used NOPs Flea & Tick Preventative Measures Right Away! (Natures Organic Potions~ Flea & Tick Collars & Bug Spray for Pets!) I could have Avoided the Flea infestation of my Pup and Home! Ugh! Well… You know what they say about Hind Site! I’ve Learned my lesson! With that being said, Natures Organic Potions® Flea & Tick Powder, completely Rid my Pup of all the Fleas! WITHOUT having to use All those dangerous Chemicals in those Flea Dips!! She Also sends instructions with your Purchase to help in De-Fleaing your Home WITHOUT the Use of DANGEROUS TOXIC CHEMICALS! So Your Home is Safe for all your Children & Pets! Of Course, It’s STILL A LOT of HARD WORK! Smh.. it’s BETTER AND EASIER to Use all the PREVENTATIVE FLEA & TICK MEASURES SHE MAKES To Start with!! LOL! NEVER AGAIN!! We are Now ALWAYS Armed and Ready for The Season!! No Fleas or Ticks on our Fur Babies since we began Using NATURES ORGANIC POTIONS PET PRODUCTS~THE RECHARGEABLE FLEA & TICK COLLAR & Their STOP BUGONE ME~ BUG SPRAY for Pets !!! So Much Better for our Whole Family!! And Especially, A LOT less work for ME!!! Thanks Natures Organic Potions!! WE LOVE ALL YOUR PET LINE PRODUCTS as well as ALL YOUR PEOPLE PRODUCTS!!! So Nice to find Organic Products That are GOOD FOR YOU & THEY ABSOLUTELY WORK!!

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