Organic Healing Salve


5.00 out of 5

Helps speed healing of our Largest Organ, Our Skin! Cuts, Abrasions, Skin Infections, Chemical/Sun Burns, Even, Fades Scars! Natures Miracle in a little Jar!


Organic Ingredients:

Olive Oil, Coconut, Avocado, Tamanu Oil, Vit E & D, Raw Honey, Comfrey, Calendula,
Lavender, Plantago, Chamomile, Goldenseal, Dandelion Leaf, Lemon Balm, Arnica
Flowers, Elderberry, Irish Moss, EO: TeaTree, Lemon, Lavender, Beeswax

Sizing Options

.5 oz stick, 1 oz Jar, 1.5 oz Jar, 2 oz Jar

15 reviews for Organic Healing Salve

  1. Valerie Lynn Tharp

    The Organic Healing Salve, heals cuts,scrapes, chapped skin, minor burns Fast! I love love love this Stuff !!

    Valerie Lynn Tharp

    Michigan City, IN

  2. Erica Kaminski Outten

    Marykaye The healing salve is just awesome I’d love to bathe in this salve EVERY SINGLE DAY That stuff is simply AMAZING!! I can’t thank you enough for telling me about it. You’re a genius in what you’ve created!!”

    Erica Kaminski Outten

    Laporte, IN

  3. Fran Johnson Haugen

    I want to give a big Thank You for introducing us to the Organic Healing Salve.
    It is the BEST!!
    My grandson fell on the road on his bike and scraped his stomach and chest pretty bad….also messed up his elbow. After cleaning him up, I put the salve on his stomach and chest and his elbow. I have to be honest, I didn’t expect the results. The next morning, he had a few scratches still on his chest and his elbow scab is already drying up. I swear I can’t say enough about this product!!! I love it!
    Thank you bunches!

    Fran Johnson Haugen

    Conroe, TX

  4. Sandy Biela

    I have used several of MaryKaye’s products and have never been disappointed! I have used the Organic Healing Salve and The fact that her products are organic is very important. Who needs chemicals, toxins, fillers and artificial dyes!!!

    Sandy Biela
    Michigan City, IN

  5. Michael Brown

    Bug BEE Gone, Healing salve, the sun rising….daily events!

    Michael Brown


  6. Abby Michelle

    I am so pleased with Natures Organic Potions Products!! Everything I have tried ….I absolutely love!! I put healing salve on all of my mosquito bites..the itch went away immediately!! Even today …I don’t even feel like they are there!! (Should have gotten the BUG BEE GONE first!! LOL!!) Miracle stuff I swear!! I will forever be a loyal customer of All Natures Organic Potions® Products!! Thanks Marykaye !!❤

    Abby Michelle

    Michigan City, IN

  7. Pam Grams

    Healing salve — great stuff!! for cuts, scrapes, etc…but really the best I’ve found for dry, cracked cuticles. Put on at bedtime, you’ll see a difference in the morning!!!!

    Pam Grams

    Indianapolis, IN

  8. Bob Ream

    The Organic Healing Salve is another favorite. I put it on areas that my skin is dry and it just does away with the flaking. I also used it on my Grandson for sunburn and he never complained after applying it. Also used it on my hand that I burned on a pan and it just healed up in nothong flat.

    Bob Ream
    Michigan City, IN

  9. Todd R. Winski

    These products are nothing less than remarkable. The healing salve, If you need healing on cuts, skin issues, sun spots, ect…. like I stated in the beginning, this product is nothing less than remarkable!

    Todd R. Winski
    Michigan City, IN

  10. Erica Kaminski Outten

    In early October 2015, I contacted Marykaye about trying one of her wonderful creams to use for skin care…sun damaged skin, etc. I had heard so many great things about MaryKaye’s “potions” that I had to buy some!! I use essential oils everyday BUT had not yet quite found the right concoction on my own to use since I’m so new to it all, so I bought my first organic healing salve from Marykaye. Let me tell you…AMAZING I absolutely love what a difference it’s made to my skin in just a few short months Definitely give this incredible product of Marykaye’s a shot!! It works!! Thank you Marykaye so much for all your help

    Erica Kaminski Outten
    LaPorte, IN

  11. Tara Swirski Dabkowski

    My Sister-In Law, was going through Chemotherapy and her hands were raw and chapped something terrible. After trying everything Over The Counter… I purchased some of Natures Organic Potions, Organic Healing Salve, for her to try. It was a Miracle to see her skin afterwards… The redness was gone and her hands and arms were silky! I Love these products!

    Tara Swirski Dabkowski
    Augusta, Georgia

  12. Debra Kalk Walker

    I also love the Organic Healing Salve for burns. I have a bad habit of hitting my arm on the oven and it helps heal the burn quickly and takes the sting out of it.

    Debra Kalk Walker
    South Bend, IN

  13. Germaine Hill

    Omg! “Miracle” in a little Brown Jar!!! I Was going to post photographs because I injured myself at the grocery store, ans have been using it to heal that wound. I also burned my arm, reaching for something in the oven, and have been using the Healing Salve! Its been healing nicely! I know what I’m giving as gifts and certainly will be spreading the word! Please forward me all of your online info for posting. Thanks again!!!!!

    Germaine Hill
    Los Angeles, California

  14. Nicole Lyn Franco

    I’m actually loving it and the hubby likes it too lol he’s been putting the healing salve on his knee where he has a scar from a motorcycle accident, it was always dry and kind of hard, but it’s actually gotten much softer and more like normal skin and even seems like it’s lighter in color too, so idk if it’s intended to be used like that or not but it seems to be working!!

    Nicole Lyn Franco
    Michigan City, IN

  15. Pam Grams

    I love this “feel good” stuff — it makes you feel good in body — & mind! Mind? Because it’s made of good stuff — good for you & our environment, & of course you never have to check the label for animal testing before buying!!!! You Must Try!!! It will not disappoint.
    – ORGANIC healing salve used for any skin blip but I use most often at bedtime on dry cracked cuticles…once healed if I continue use, it prevents! You will be happy with these products — in body & mind. Give them a try!

    Pam Grams

    Indianapolis, IN

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