Lavender & Grace Cream ~ IS AMAZING!

Michigan City, IN / Lavender & Grace Cream
July 12, 2016

The Lavender & Grace Cream, you gave dad for my hands in the winter for dry skin, is amazing!  Nothing has ever helped my Hands in the winter time, except that stuff!

Stephanie Ream

Michigan City, IN

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One thought on “Lavender & Grace Cream ~ IS AMAZING!

  1. Marykaye Grams-Hill says:

    Stephanie Ream,
    I’m so happy Lavender & Grace is addressing your problem! The Amazing Organic Herbs and their healing components I use in that cream, goes beyond healing dry skin! All Our products can be used for so many other issues we face! Unlike the chemically laced creams on the market today, Our Creams all have amazing Healing Properties that address a wide range of issues! Its a great potion and it can also be used for treating minor Burns, Cuts, Scrapes, Diaper Rashes, Bug Bites as well as Sun Burns, these, just to name a few !! I use different herbs,in each of the creams I make. They each have their own special healing properties so, they not only address in keeping our skin conditioned and protected, but they also help with other issues as well!
    Thanks Stephanie, for your kind Words and Sharing them with others!


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